July Soft Geysir Laki Extranet, File Sharing - Build Customer Loyalty!

July Soft Geysir Laki Extranet, File Sharing July Soft Geysir Laki Extranet, File Sharing

Laki Extranet - Benefits:

  • Better communication platform with your customers, easy send/receive documents, newsletter updates, automate offer requests from your suppliers
  • Superior search experience to any classical Extranet systems - tight integration with Geysir Enterprise Search powerful search capacity
  • Build customer loyalty, faster, better support
  • Real-time communication using chat functions or file-sharing features
  • Automatic Chart creation from any CSV files - clients may visualize any reports you publish for them (reports, accounting balance sheets, etc)
  • Eliminate email communication problems: SPAM, lack of traceability, data loss and backup issues
  • Low hosting / licensing costs - can be hosted in any Linux / Ubuntu Server
  • Eliminate communication errors, faster response time and information delivery, flexibility and control
  • Differentiate your company's support by allowing your customers / suppliers access to a modern communication platform
  • Allows your data-entry operators to be more efficient by using OCR / automated parsing / structured data extraction from image files

Laki Extranet - Features:

  • Administration
  • Manage Laki user accounts(clients and power users)
  • User alerts by email
  • User Destop
  • Chat feature – users can communicate using a chat system integrated in Laki
  • Shortcuts to various screens/filters(predefined)
  • Charts
  • Automatic charts based on any csv files with user defined facts/dimensions
  • My Space
  • Enable file sharing function
  • Data structor – extract unstructured data from scanned image files(non-OCR) into a structure form (csv file) to increase work efficiency for data-input operations
  • Updates
  • Newsletters to recipients
  • Integration
  • Integration with Geysir Enterprise Search
  • Customization
  • Other customization at client demand