Geysir Suite Helps Your Business Get More Energy From Data!

Geysir Enterprise Search
Hekla Document Management System
Geysir Web UI

Laki Extranet
Hekla CRM & Support

Geysir Enterprise Search - Benefits:

  • More efficient organization, less time consumed searching documents / information across various software systems / applications
  • Capitalizing on information investment - company's documents are an investment that should be used efficiently
  • More business opportunities used - company's capacity to respond to business opportunities is directly linked to capacity / efficiency of search / data reuse
  • More efficient use of employee's expertise - helps any organization to know who has what expertise and minimize risks due to personel turnover
  • Accomodate new staff faster - they can find faster, without interrupting existing employees, information they need to know
  • Real help in any merger / acquisition scenario - helps acquired company's staff to find information they look for inside new employer's knowledge base.
  • Mobile workers can have better access to information
  • Every employee is more efficient and workplace stress is reduced
  • Reduces company's operational costs and increases employee's productivity
  • Helps in taking decisions faster, better informed
  • Your customers will be more satisfied with the high quality and the speed of your support
  • Effective Data Governance, data access traceability and security

Hekla Document Management System Module - Benefits:

  • Automate your operations, like: data archiving, marketing, sales, offer-making, contracting, invoicing, billing, incident management, etc
  • Automate your internal business processes adding as many modules are needed for automation, management and control
  • Model easy and fast any organizational structure, workflows, data-access policy
  • Superior search experience to any classical DMS systems - tight integration with Geysir Enterprise Search powerful search capacity
  • Better knowledge management, faster search
  • Increased document security and control
  • Better version control - know exactly when, who, what changes added to any document
  • No more emails - email information is not structured, difficult to manage, often data loss occurs
  • Better collaboration & Email Alerts helps reactivity and team-work
  • Regulatory-compliant data backups and less data-losses
  • Fully compliant to Romanian National Archives Act (16/1996) & Electronic Archiving Act (135/2007)
  • Lowers archiving & archive operating costs
  • Better data access security and traceability

Hekla CRM & SUPPORT Modules - Benefits:

  • Hekla CRM help you grow your sales, lead-generation volume and customer retention
  • Manage your clients, associated events, automate offer-making, contracting, invoicing & customer support
  • Manage your marketing campaigns, newsletters & events
  • Evaluate easier your sales workforce productivity
  • Overview of sales progress - allows you to asses quickly any deal status/progress
  • Superior search experience to any classical CRM systems - tight integration with Geysir Enterprise Search powerful search capacity
  • Faster contact creation - allows automatic OCR / import of Visit Cards and automatic contact creation from Thunderbird email client UI
  • You have a high degree of information reuse through data/reports filters, shortcuts and integration with other applications
  • You have increased security, fine data-access tuning
  • Automate any client-related business-operations, fast
  • Possibility to receive customizations to your specific business operations/processes

Laki Extranet - Benefits:

  • Better communication platform with your customers, easy send/receive documents, newsletter updates, automate offer requests from your suppliers
  • Superior search experience to any classical Extranet systems - tight integration with Geysir Enterprise Search powerful search capacity
  • Build customer loyalty, faster, better support
  • Real-time communication using chat functions or file-sharing features
  • Automatic Chart creation from any CSV files - clients may visualize any reports you publish for them (reports, accounting balance sheets, etc)
  • Eliminate email communication problems: SPAM, lack of traceability, data loss and backup issues
  • Low hosting / licensing costs - can be hosted in any Linux / Ubuntu Server
  • Eliminate communication errors, faster response time and information delivery, flexibility and control
  • Differentiate your company's support by allowing your customers / suppliers access to a modern communication platform
  • Allows your data-entry operators to be more efficient by using OCR / automated parsing / structured data extraction from image files